Installing in-lite in 5 steps

installing in-lite outdoor lighting: installing the transformer & light sensor

The transformer

The transformer is the motor for the in-lite system: it manages the lighting and provides power to the system. The transformer must have sufficient capacity. In other words, the total capacity (watt) of all fixtures in your lighting plan cannot be higher than 90% of the transformer's capacity. For example, the maximum load for a 56 watt transformer should be 50 watts.

Cable lugs for effective power flow
The transformer can be placed on walls, fences or poles (ca. 50 cm off the ground). Always connect the cable to the transformer using the accompanying cable lugs. Poorly connected cables prevent power from flowing properly and could lead to heat generation. This could seriously damage the transformer.

Save energy
The transformer should preferably be configured to the required number of operating hours and be connected to a light sensor. This means the lights will only switch on for the stipulated number of hours when it becomes dark; thus helping you to save energy.

Please note!
Components in the in-lite system should be installed so they can always be reached for replacement purposes. This applies to fixtures, transformers, Easy-Locks, cable connectors (CC-2) and the mini-connector.

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